Some useful online tools

Sometimes we need a quick result or solution, I am talking as a web application developer. Ok for example I want to make a block with rounded corner, what I will do in this case? Offcourse you will say just use css and html and make the block but what about corners. We need some corner images, I dont have photoshop or any other application to make the rounded corner or even I don’t know photoshop, so what I will do in this case? And yes I need it urgently so for such situation I am posting this article. There are few online application, which can help you…

1. For rounded corner:

2. Favicon generator:

3. Ico file converter:

4. Excel to HTML Table converter:

5. Word document to PDF generator:

6. XUL editor (for XUL programmers):

The list can be endless.. but this is what my experience with web so far . I will keep it updating…



moodle – Enroll User in a Course

This time for moodlers, have you ever faced such type of need, that you want to enrol user directly in a course using some predefined moodle functions. I was in need for this just after payment success, so thought I should share with you friends..


$userid = 'jaswanttak'; // this is user's idnumber
$courseid = 'TEST-01'; // this is course's idnumber

// if you want to use only id than in get_records() you will have to write id in second parameter

$user = get_record("user", "idnumber", $userid);
$course = get_record("course", "idnumber", $courseid);

if (!enrol_into_course($course, $user, 'paypal')) { // paypal is enrollment method for my system you will use yours
echo 'error';
} else {
echo 'success';